Bright Solutions.  Profitable Results 

Giving you Strategic control over your Technology Services

Bright Solutions.  Profitable Results


DR Consulting is a Consulting Company that enables enterprises to increase visibility, improve the operational performance of your technology providers, services and equipment so you can save money.  We are devoted to assisting clients in finding the right solution for your environment in the shortest time possible. Partnering with DR Consulting can position your enterprise to gain visibility to your current expenses and to make educated buying decisions on your future expenditures.  DR Consulting has over sixty years of experience in the telecommunications and technology fields.  

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Our Mission 

Our Mission is to partner with your business to provide best-in-class solutions ensuring your procurement and sourcing capabilities are optimized.  Our goal is to ensure you are getting the most value at the best possible price from your technology suppliers.  We serve as a resource to expand our client’s existing teams, saving them time and resources by applying our experience, tools, cross-industry best practices, and personalized solutions.  

Consulting Services

 Request for Proposal 

  • Support for formal Request for Pricing (RFP) Process
  • Gather Requirement and compose RFP

  • Facilitate all Meetings
  • Provide comprehensive Bid Analysis

Auditing Services 

  • Analysis Data to  current contracts
  • Provide Strategic Opportunities    
  • Executive Reports Provided 

Spend Analysis Services

  • Collection of all current technology bills and contracts 
  • Data Consolidation and Cleansing
  • Identify all Procurement Saving Opportunities            

Mobility  Management   

  • Confirm Mobility Costs reflect current contract
  • Provide Insight into Mobility Services
  • Support Procurement Policy

Professional Services

  • Project Management of Implementation of new technologies
  • Professional Services to support IT services 
  • Procurement-Focused Savings Opportunities

Expense Management 

  • Monthly Auditing of Technology Services 
  • Provide Technology Expense Management
  • Provide Mobility Expense      Management